Human Resources

Human Resources Policy

Gedik Piliç offers to your tables its chickens raised in 100% natural conditions by blending the trust and the taste together.

We are aware that it’s our employees that blend the trust and taste together. With this awareness, our Human Resources policy is to create a working environment where our team and every new person who will join our team will feel happy.

How do we create a happy work environment;

  • Beyond right recruitment, we work to ensure that our team consists of loyal employees.
  • We thank each other at every opportunity,
  • We enable all of our team to communicate with all levels easily.
  • We help each other regardless of our duties.
  • We act "Ethical and Equal" in all our business processes,

Recruitment Process

Our main goal in our recruitment process is to add to our team people who can adapt to our corporate culture, who have a high desire to learn, who are success-oriented and who adopts it a principle to make effort.

Our tools that we utilize to recruit new people to our team;

  • Online job advertisements,
  • “Job Application Form" on our company's website
  • Our contact office in Uşak province,
  • Direct applications made to our Headquarters in Eşme district of Uşak,

We review all applications regularly and depending on the vacant positions, we call the applicants who have the required qualifications. In recruitment process, Human Resources and the directors of the relevant unit make the interviews together. The methods we use in selection and placement process vary depending on the vacant position.

All persons who complete the recruitment process go through Gedik Piliç Orientation Training. We ensure with Gedik Piliç Orientation Training that our new team members adapt to their job easily.

Non-Salary Benefits​​​​​​​

Gedik Piliç provides benefits to its employees apart from salaries.

The benefits we provide to our employees in order to ensure the best service to our customers;

Recruiter Award;​​​​​​​

If you contribute to the recruitment of a new person to be employed by Gedik Piliç, you can benefit from this recruiter award.

Work Attendance Premium;​​​​​​​

We reward work attendance. If you attend regularly, you can benefit from the attendance premium.

Marriage Benefit;​​​​​​​

We are with you on this special day. If you get married, you can benefit from marriage benefit.

Birth Benefit;​​​​​​​

We welcome the new member of your family. If you or your spouse gives birth, you can benefit from birth benefit.


Death Benefit;​​​​​​​

We support you in your difficult time. You can benefit from Death Benefit if a first degree relative of yours passes away.

Circumcision Benefit;​​​​​​​

We are also with you at your child's first moment of pride. You can benefit from circumcision benefit if you hold a circumcision party for your child.

Gedik Chicken Benefit;​​​​​​​

Gedik Chicken delicacies come to your tables. We regularly give Gedik Chicken to our employees as present.

Food Benefit;​​​​​​​

We assist your grocery shopping monthly. We provide monthly food benefit to our employees.

Heating Benefit;​​​​​​​

We provide heating benefit for cold winter days. You can benefit from heating benefit depending on your seniority.

Ramadan Benefit;​​​​​​​

Each year in Ramadan, we increase the blessings of your table together. We give Ramadan package in Ramadan month.