Human Resources Policy

Gedik Pilic offers its products, which are raised in 100% natural conditions, by combining the trust and delightful taste.

We know that our employees are the ones who combine trust and taste together. Our aim is to create a working environment which ensures the happiness of each of our current and future employees.

How do we create a happy working environment?

  • Beyond accurate recruitment, we aim for our team to consist of loyal employees,
  • We appreciate and thank each other as much as possible,
  • We ensure that our entire team is able to communicate with each other easily at each level,
  • We help each other no matter what our title is,
  • We act ethically and equally in all our business processes,


Our Recruitment Process

The main objective of our recruitment process is to bring people who can fit in our company culture, are eager to learn, success-oriented and adopted hard work as a principle.

The channels we use for recruiting are as follows;

  • Online job offers,
  • “Job Application Form” on our company website
  • Our office located in Usak,
  • Direct applications to our Head Office in the district of Esme in Usak


We review all of the applications regularly and get back to the candidates who have the necessary qualifications and are suitable for open positions. In the recruitment process, managers of the related department and Human Resources carry out the job interviews together. We use various methods for the selection and positioning of candidates according to the open position.

Those who complete the recruitment process go through the Gedik Pilic Compliance Training. With Gedik Pilic Compliance Training, we help our new team members to adjust to their jobs.

Non-Salary Benefits

Gedik Pilic also provides its employees with various non-salary benefits.

To provide the best service to our customers, we offer our employees non-salary benefits such as;

Employee Recruitment Allowance;

If you contribute to the recruitment of a new employee in Gedik Pilic, you can benefit from the employee recruitment allowance.

Attendance Allowance;

We reward your attendance. You can benefit from the attendance allowance if you have perfect attendance.

Marriage Allowance;

We are by your side to support you on this special day. You can benefit from marriage allowance if you get married.

Birth Allowance;

We welcome the new member of your family. You can benefit from the birth allowance if you or your partner gives birth.

Death Benefit;

We support you in difficult times. You can benefit from the death benefit in the event of a death among your first-degree relatives.

 Circumcision Benefits;

We are also by your side to celebrate this special day. You can benefit from the circumcision benefit if you have a circumcision feast for your child.

Gedik Pilic Benefits;

We bring the delightful taste of Gedik Pilic to your tables. We regularly give away Gedik Pilic to our employees.

Food Benefits;

We aid your grocery shopping every month. We provide our employees with food aid every month.

Heating Allowance;

We provide fuel allowance for cold winter days. You can benefit from the fuel allowance according to your seniority.

Ramadan Allowance;

Every year in Ramadan, we help bring abundance into our homes. We give away Ramadan Packages in Ramadan.